Specialising in hip hop & street dance.

  Hip hop - Street Dance - Contemporary - Jazz  -                        Commercial - Heels - Ballet - Tap 


Heels is an adult open class which we have been running for a few years. The style of the class is commercial in heels. It is an adult class but anyone over 16 can attend. The class is currently a POP UP class. We have had to shuffle our timetable around due to covid-19, so for now, keep an eye on our facebook and instagram page to see when we are holding heels classes!

Senior Street Dance 

This class is open from ages 13+ but adults are welcome to attend. 

Our Senior street dance class is one of our most popular classes and has been running for 5 years. It is an open class that is open to the public, and all of our teen crews also attend this class as part of their training. The class focuses on learning choreography, and each routine a different style is taught. In this class we teach hip hop, urban, commercial, locking, popping, house, waacking, vogue and more. All abilities are welcome to this class.


Commercial Class (Ages 14+)

Commercial is a style that combines jazz, street styles and hip hop. This will be a fast paced class for those who want to improve their ability to pick up and retain choreography, whilst improving their ability to dance 'clean' and work on performance skills including strong dynamics, stage presence and facial expressions. Dancers will also have various opportunities to take workshops with professional commercial dancers currently working in the industry.

Class day - Wednesdays in the dance studio at Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology

What to wear - Trainers. 

Beginners Tap Dance Class

This class is open from ages 13+ but adults are welcome to attend. 

This class is suitable for those who have no experience, or a little experience in tap dance, or those have had done tap before and want to ease back into it. You will learn to develop your rhythm, style and sound whilst building up flexibility of the knee and ankles as well as building co-ordination and speed of movement.

What to wear - tap shoes (for your first class you can wear trainers if you wish)

Class Day: Friday late afternoon/evening in the dance studio at Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology

Adult Competition Teams

NVX (Over 18 Street Dance Crew)

NVX is our over 18s street dance team. Most of the team are aged up to 30, with a couple of the dancers in the team who are teens. The team train once a week in hip hop and street dance styles such as locking, waacking, house, vogue, popping, breaking and more. The team attend competitions a few times a year, and due to most of the team also having work commitments too, we give all of the team plenty of notice and agree on a date for competitions that most can do. The team is suitable for those who want to get back into dancing, or have had some dance experience before. 

Training: Every Thursday evening (term time)

Senior Jazz Team 

This team is for ages 14+ but adults with dance experience are welcome to try out for the team.

Our Senior Jazz team is one of our most advanced teams. It is a small group of dancers that work at a higher level on their flexibility, strength, technique and on competition choreography. The dancers train in both more classical dance styles and more recent jazz styles.

Training: Sunday evenings at xercise4less.