Specialising in hip hop & street dance.

  Hip hop - Street Dance - Contemporary -  Lyrical - Jazz  -  Commercial - Heels - Ballet - Keyboard Lessons - Art/Craft Sessions


Do you want to train in dance? Take a look at what we have to offer...

Mini / Junior Classes Ages 6-13 years. 

We have a range of both recreational classes which are just for fun / to learn dance skills and technique and we also have competition teams for those who wish to compete in local competitions and perform regularly on stage. 

For mini age we have the following classes:

- Mini street dance competition team (Ages 6-9 years)

For junior age we have the following classes available:

- Junior Street Dance Class (Ages 7-13 years)

- Junior Lyrical Dance Class (Ages 7-13 years)

- Junior Contemporary Competition Team (Ages 9+)

- Eclectic Street Dance Competition Team (Ages 10+)

- Fire Street Dance Competition Team (Ages 12+)

Teen Classes Ages 13 - 18 years

For Senior/teen age we have the following classes available:

- Ballet Class (Ages 11+)

- Senior Street and Commercial Class (Ages 14+)

- GCSE Dance Course (Year 9s)

- Senior Contemporary Competition Team (Ages 14+)

- Senior Jazz Competition Team (Ages 14+)

- Cartel Street Crew (Ages 12+)

- Emprise Street Crew (Ages 14+)

- Iridescent Worlds Team (Ages 14+)

Adult Classes Ages 21+

We have classes available for adults who have some dance experience, or who want to get back into dance!

We also hold a regular 'pop up' heels class so keep an eye on our social media pages for when our heels classes are!



Fees are worked out based on the cost of the class each week multiplied by the number of weeks we run classes in a year.  We run classes 36 weeks per year. In the event of a missed class due to teacher illness, we will provide a longer class one of the following weeks or put on an extra session. 

Monthly Prices

Fees are paid 12 months per year. Class fees have been worked out annually and divided by 12 months. If a dancer wishes to leave a class, 30 days notice must be given. If 30 days notice is not given, the fees will still be charged for the next month.