Specialising in hip hop & street dance.

  Hip hop - Street Dance - Contemporary - Jazz  -                        Commercial - Heels - Ballet - Tap 

Teens Recreational Classes (Ages 13-18)

Commercial Class (Ages 14+)

Commercial is a style that combines jazz, street styles and hip hop. This will be a fast paced class for those who want to improve their ability to pick up and retain choreography, whilst improving their ability to dance 'clean' and work on performance skills including strong dynamics, stage presence and facial expressions. Dancers will also have various opportunities to take workshops with professional commercial dancers currently working in the industry. 

Class day - Wednesdays in the dance studio at Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology

What to wear - Trainers. 

Senior Street Dance (Ages 13+)

Our Senior street dance class is one of our most popular classes and has been running for 5 years. It is an open class that is open to the public, and all of our teen crews also attend this class as part of their training. The class focuses on learning choreography, and each routine a different style is taught. In this class we teach hip hop, urban, commercial, locking, popping, house, waacking, vogue and more. All abilities are welcome to this class. 


Jazz Tech (Ages 11+)

For the dancers that want to work on turns, jumps and leaps as well as strength and flexibility. The dancers will also learn techniques from a range of pioneers of jazz such as Jack Cole and Fosse. The class will cover more classical jazz techniques alongside more recent commercial jazz. 

Class day: Wednesdays at Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology.

Contemporary Class  - ID Contemporary Syllabus  (Ages 11+)

In this class you will learn set syllabus work from the iD Company syllabus. The iD-Company syllabus is technically challenging, using traditional techniques mixed with modern styles and methods to make them unique and current. You will learn about release, fall and recovery, direction changes, isolations, core strengthening, connecting wiht the floor, improvisation, creating original choreography and set dances. You can choose to just attend as a CLASS or you can attend to be entered into examinations and take grades. 

What to wear - bare feet or contemporary shoes/turning shoes and please bring a bottle of water 

Class day: Monday evenings in the dance studio at Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology

Beginners Ballet Class (Ages 11+)

Although this class is aimed at ages 11+, this class is also available to teens and adults. Ages may be split later on, depending on abilities.

Class Day: Wednesday evenings in the dance studio at Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology

Beginners Tap Class (Ages 11+)

This class is suitable for those who have no experience, or a little experience in tap dance, or those have had done tap before and want to ease back into it. You will learn to develop your rhythm, style and sound whilst building up flexibility of the knee and ankles as well as building co-ordination and speed of movement. 

What to wear - tap shoes (for your first class you can wear trainers if you wish)

Class Day: Friday late afternoon/evening in the dance studio at Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology

Teen Competition Teams (Ages 13-18)

Emerge (Ages 13-16)

Emerge is a competition team aimed at ages 13-16 years. The team have recently just won 1st place at Nex Star Competition in Wolverhampton, and have previously won 1st place at ICE competition including winning Grand Champions of the Junior Street Dance category. They have also recently performed at BDO World Championships in December 2019. The team is suitable for those that have some dance experience, and would like to perform and compete. 

Class day: This team is currently split into two groups so that the dancers have more room in class due to COVID-19. One group currently trains on a Monday and the other on a Friday evening, but this is temporary and the group will be put together as one and train on a Friday evening once social distancing reduces.

Emprise (Ages 14-18 years)

Emprise train at an intermediate level, and have previously attended large competitions such as UDO British Championships and UDO World Championships. This team is for teens who take their dancing seriously, and wish to work hard to attend larger competitions. 

Class day: Sunday afternoons at xercise4less.

Senior Contemporary Team

Our Senior contemporary team train weekly in lyrical and contemporary styles. They also work on their strength and flexibility in classes as well as working on competition choreography. Dancers also have the opportunity to take part in solos and duets at competitions as well as team. The team has won 1st place in the last two competitions we have been to, including winning 'Grand champions' of the Senior Contemporary category at ICE Competition. This team is suitable for those with some dance experience OR for those who take GCSE dance or BTEC/A Level dance. 

Class day: Thursday evenings in the dance studio at Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology.

Senior Jazz Team

Our Senior Jazz team is one of our most advanced teams. It is a small group of dancers that work at a higher level on their flexibility, strength, technique and on competition choreography. The dancers train in both more classical dance styles and more recent jazz styles. 

Class day: Sunday evenings at xercise4less.