Specialising in hip hop & street dance.

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Teens Recreational Classes (Ages 14+)

Senior Street and Commercial Dance (Ages 14+)

Thursdays 8.15-9.00pm in the dance studio at Shrewsbury College on London Road. £4 per week / pay monthly option.

Our Senior street dance class is one of our most popular classes and has been running for 5 years. It is an open class that is open to the public. The class focuses on learning choreography, and each routine a different style is taught. In this class we teach hip hop, urban, commercial, locking, popping, house, waacking, vogue and more. All abilities are welcome to this class. 

Beginners Ballet Class (Ages 11+)

Thursdays 7.15-8.00pm in the dance studio at Shrewsbury College on London Road. £4 per class / pay monthly options.

Although this class is aimed at ages 11+, this class is also available to teens and adults. Ages may be split later on, depending on abilities.

Teen Competition Teams (Ages 13-18)

Emerge Street Dance Competition Crew (Ages 13-16)

Fridays 7.30-9.00pm in the dance studio at Shrewsbury College on London Road.

Emerge is a competition team aimed at ages 13-16 years. The team have recently just won 1st place at Nex Star Competition in Wolverhampton, and have previously won 1st place at ICE competition including winning Grand Champions of the Junior Street Dance category. They have also recently performed at BDO World Championships in December 2019. The team is suitable for those that have some dance experience, and would like to perform and compete. 

Emprise Street Dance Competition Crew (Ages 14+)

Sundays 3.00-4.15pm at 'The Studio'

Emprise train at an intermediate level, and have previously attended large competitions such as UDO British Championships and UDO World Championships. This team is for teens who take their dancing seriously, and wish to work hard to attend larger competitions. 

Senior Contemporary Team

Thursdays 6.15-7.00pm in the dance studio at Shrewsbury College on London Road. 

Our Senior contemporary team train weekly in lyrical and contemporary styles. They also work on their strength and flexibility in classes as well as working on competition choreography. Dancers also have the opportunity to take part in solos and duets at competitions as well as team. The team has won 1st place in the last two competitions we have been to, including winning 'Grand champions' of the Senior Contemporary category at ICE Competition. This team is suitable for those with some dance experience OR for those who take GCSE dance or BTEC/A Level dance. 

Senior Jazz Team

Sundays 4.30-5.15pm at 'The Studio' 

Our Senior Jazz team is one of our most advanced teams. It is a small group of dancers that work at a higher level on their flexibility, strength, technique and on competition choreography. The dancers train in both more classical dance styles and more recent jazz styles.